Ayana Fuchsmann

Japanese - German Welcome Angel

Hello, I am Ayana from Japan.

I was born in Tokyo, and lived in several countries. As a preschooler, I lived in Shanghai, moved to Germany, moved back to Japan and finished High School before I finally came back to germany and studied nutritional science at the University of Hohenheim. Today I am married and living in a calm and beautiful area of Stuttgart together with a german husband and two lovely cats. In my private life I am engaged with cooking, focusing on nutrition, organic food and I have attended several classes that qualify for teaching, so I have plans to offer a japanese / german cuisine course, that will also teach some survival vocabulary. I’m also a Yosakoi dancer, regularly performing live on stage with a japanese / german dance group Todoroki.
Together with my husband I’m also involved with the japanese / german language exchange parties in Stuttgart.

In my life I had many fresh starts in foreign countries, so I can tell a thing or two about starting somewhere without knowing anyone or anything except my family. 

I’d very much like to support you in skipping the hardships and moving directly to the pleasant part of living in a foreign country. I can help you to overcome the language barrier, collecting information, accompany you in day-to-day challenges, like shopping or visiting a doctor, finding a place to attend to your hobbies, recommending restaurants, bars, shops, sightseeing spots and insider tipps.

My main languages are japanese (native) and german (fluent), English and a little Chinese.





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Ayana Fuchsmann

Japanese - German Welcome Angel


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Have you got experience abroad or lived abroad yourself or do you have international roots?
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