Dr. Christine Krämer

Medical Angel & Deputy Head Angel


I am Christine, married and as a mother of three children am standing with both feet firmly placed in life.

I am a doctor, specialised in pregnancy & birth and other gynaecological issues. 

Outgoing, friendly and honest and always ready to make new experiences.

I love contact with other people and the cooperation with others. Because of my job, I have already gained a lot of experience when it comes to working together to solve problems and offer help. I am used to coordinating and organizing through my work in the clinic and also through my mother role in a five-person household.

I have lived in Stuttgart for 12 years and I have got a lot of contacts and a good overview of life here.

I speak English and German , as well as some French. My focus is on medical topics, of course, especially gynecology, such as pregnancy, birth and care, but also all other medical specialties, such as the health system in Germany and everyday medical issues. 

Since I'm very cosmopolitan and sociable and we live next to the Patch Barracks in Vaihingen, I was allowed to help many people in recent years to feel welcome in Stuttgart and Germany. Therefore, I know what a big challenge a new country means and how many questions there might be. 

It is a pleasure to welcome and support people here in Germany  .... I would be happy to meet you!

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Dr. Christine Krämer

Medical Angel & Deputy Head Angel


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