Leah Lichtwitz

Creative Welcome Angel

I am Leah - warm, funny, versatile and curious. Together with my partner and my little daughter, I live in Stuttgart.

I dress people. This is my passion and my profession. I am a fashion designer and since 2009 I work as a freelance costume and stage designer for theaters, dance- and film productions, events and for YOU!

As nowadays there are no rigid or specific dress codes anymore, it can be very difficult to decide what to wear without feeling over- or underdressed.  During your time in Germany you will encounter many new, exciting and different occasions like a dinner at a colleagues house, Christmas parties, weddings or visits to the theatre or opera.

I am happy to assist you with all fashion and style issues. I will guide you through the KIRAMIGA  modul - German Lifestyle - introducing you to the world of Germans and their customs  & quirks, but of course elaborate general style questions as well.
And if you are interested in a more  individual / comprehensive consultation or private shopping for a specific occasion or specific demands (such as pregnancy), or just a wardrobe check with recommendations and more, please visit: 
Einkleidedienst - Kleidsam

I am looking forward to meeting you!

Languages: english & german


Leah Lichtwitz

Creative Welcome Angel


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Have you lived in Stuttgart / Germany for a while and know your way around?
Have you got experience abroad or lived abroad yourself or do you have international roots?
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