Kindergarten & Nurseries in the Area of Stuttgart

- a short overview -

Here is a short overview about how the system works in the area of Stuttgart.

In Germany the nursery is from 1-3 years and Kindergarten from 3-6 years.

  • Public Kindergartens/Nurseries are usually not obliged to take children which are not insured by the German healthcare system, but of course you can apply.
  • Private Kindergartens/Nurseries, supported by the German government. They are non-public and you can apply as they might be more open for non-German insured children.
  • Private non supported Kindergartens – you can apply and they are open for all children & chances are better, but prices are higher.
  • Eltern-Kind-Initiative – Kindergarten run by parents – voluntary work from your side is a must and expected.
  • Tagesmutter – day care of a qualified person usually in their own home.

For the public and private Kindergarten you can apply here:
For Stuttgart area (cut of February 15th for September the same year)
For Böblingen area:,(anker3307027)/start/BildungGesellschaft/Kita_Anmeldung.html#anker3307027
For Sindelfingen area: 

You can also just try to call and go directly to the Kitas or ask a the Rathaus (civil service center).

Kiramiga can help with information, applications, signing up and looking for possible spots.
But please understand that there is no guarantee that you will find a place.

We charge 60 Euro / hour in 30 minute intervals. Minimum charge is 30 Euros.

Learn more in detail about the Kindergarten/School System and other interesting information/ facts in our module: kids in Germany.
Check the Calendar on our website for upcoming dates or write us an email:

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