Pregnant in Stuttgart - where to shop

This is an overview on where to buy pregnancy clothes and everything for your baby.

Shops carrying everything from maternity clothes, childrens clothes to strollers & furniture

Korbmayer:– everything but $$$;
Here you find nice maternitiy clothes and baby stuff; Shop downtown near the market place – upmarket brands

Baby Walz: – everything $$; They have some materniy clothes and everything for the baby  - Shop downtown near Königsstrasse

Baby One:– everything $$ Shops in Stuttgart Leinfelden, Stuttgart Feuerbach

Princess: good for strollers / furniture) in Metzingen  $$

4 Mamis: maternity clothes in Metzingen) 07123-726331 Schreiberei 1,72555 Metzingen $$

Galeria Kaufhof: clothes / nursing bras / toys from $ to $$ - 2 department stores in Stuttgart downtown

H & M: clothes for mothers to babies and children / nursing bras $ - several stores in Stuttgart (Königsstraße, Milano, Breuningerland) $

Zara: clothes for babies and children, shop in Königsstraße $-$$

Breuninger: $$$ Stuttgart downtown, Pricey but lovely clothes for babies and kids no maternity clothes.

DM Drugstores: $-$$
They have a range of clothes for newborns and toddlers –a lot of them organic, sleeping bags and a lot of other useful things pre- and post pregnancy. And of course  the usual to be found in a drugstore (different brands of diapers, wet wipes, snacks, formula, bottles...), BUT not every shop has clothes. Check their website for the one closest to you.

C & A: $ everything, pregnancy clothes, baby & children clothes; e.g. in Königsstraße

My Toys: $$ - Shop downtown Stuttgart, Königsstraße; only baby clothes and kids stuff

Ernestings Family: $, clothes for babies and children, no pregnancy clothes - shops around Stuttgart (e.g. Schwabengalerie Vaihingen, Epplestr in Degerloch)

Jako'o: $$-$$$ - clothes, toys and furniture. Lots of useful clothes e.g. outdoor

nearly all brand stores have clothes for kids as well (like Esprit, S Oliver, Globetrotter, Sport Scheck just to name a few)

Cheap & good but offers change on a weekly basis:

Please check what will on offer in the internet

Tchibo  $
Can be found in supermarkets like Edeka or their own stores e.g. Degerloch, Stuttgart downtown, Vaihingen Schwabengalerie)

Aldi/Lidl $ : sometimes there are pregnancy clothes and baby clothes in their offer, very good rain gear, ski gear and boots. You must look in the internet or prospects to know what is on offer for the following week..  When they offer clothes they are often sold out early - so go on the day it is in stock. Germans love them and they are often cheap but good quality.
Aldi Süd and Lidl

Second hand:

Facebook: Stuttgart Maternity/Kid Shop and Swap (Germany)

Stores: clothes & goods  in good but used quality for a low price:
Mütze Süd, Gebrüder-Schmid-Weg 13,  70199 Stuttgart ,
Kinderkaufhaus Zorella Hackstr. 9-11; here you find kids clothes and toys and they have a shop for adult clothes, too (Stöckachstr. 16)
Der kleine Prinz, Neue Weinsteige 1, 70180 Stuttgart https://www.kleiner-prinz-stuttgart.de
Windrad  Gablenberger Hauptstraße 111, 70186 Stuttgart
Kinder Second Hand Zauberwald, Tübinger Str. 97A, 70178 Stuttgart (close to Marienplatz)

Online there are some platforms to bye pregnancy clothes and other usful things for your baby:
mamikreisel,   kleiderkorb,  kalaydo, lila-laune-shop


July 2019 by Dr. Christine Krämer
This blog post is a personal recommendation and based on personal experience. It has been prepared with the greatest possible care and does not claim to be correct, complete or up-to-date.“

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