Update on Stuttgart Public Transport - change of zones & prices

Read about the changes and what is new.

Stuttgarts public transportation network is changing its zones as of April 1st – it might be a lot cheaper for you to travel within Stuttgart & the area!
Read more about prices, zones, main changes and what happens with Abos.
Here is an overview about prices & zones – albeit only in German (not availabe in English yet).
Main Changes:
- reduction from 50 different zones to just 5 – much easier overview.
- todays zone 10 & 20 will merge to Zone 1 – big change for people living in Stuttgart area.
- depending on where you live and how many zones you had to pass before, it will be a lot cheaper in future.
Also the day ticket is reduced in price (from 5 Euro up), which is worth having a look at.
If you have 4 trip tickets – don’t worry – they will be valid until 2020.
If you have a yearly ticket and pay monthly, the amount deducted from your account will be corrected automatically.
If you paid your a yearly ticket in advance, please go to your service center and they will take care and credit you the difference.
And if you have no clue about public transportation in Stuttgart yet – here is the link to my blog post.
March 2019
This blog post has been prepared with the greatest possible care and does not claim to be correct, complete or up-to-date.

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