We offer a range of modules to accommodate different topics. All modules can be booked separately. Please contact us for individual requests, prices and package deals.

Basic concept of all our modules is to meet in person and experience actively together and we complete our support by offering assistance via the phone, Skype or another internet platform.
As per our experience practice is the way to incorporate what you learn and be able to make use of it.

Here are the modules we offer:

Quick'n Easy

A quick Introduction to the German daily life - where we will answer a few questions and will help to understand some essentials.

In a place of your employees choice, we will meet for 3 hours and assist with any questions they may have relating to their new life and new environment. We can also go out and explore to get to know specifics.

As per experience we calculate 3 hours for a quick introduction.

Custom Made for your employees & their families  

 Wanting your employees to enjoy an all-round carefree package upon arrival in Stuttgart?

We offer support for a predefind number of hours consisting of any topics within the modules we offer. We support your new expat employee‘s and their families either in their home or outside depending on their needs , in addition we offer consultation via the phone or skype.

Pre-move information

All your employees need to know before they arrive.

At Kiramiga we endeavour to assist your employees and answer all questions during the process of decision making and planning.

From what you can buy and where to buy for example cosmetics, baby products , electronics , local food to information on school enrollment processes , registration , doctors , the German medical system and plenty more.

We will help your employee to feel at ease before their arrival.

Basic Intercultural Seminar

3 days - 3 hours each

German eating and drinking habits
super markets / grocery shopping, pharmacy and drugstore, post and parcel services
opening hours, payment possibilities
public transport – on-hand pracitical experience

Household matters

all matters around the house in 3 hours

Cleaning & laundry detergents (chemical / organic ) & devices and their usage/dosage
explanation of electronical devices
waste separation rules & garden waste
house and neighborhood rules


3 hour shopping trip

individual shopping trip / information to accomodate individual needs and explanations




German Lifestyle

German Culture in 3 hours

Do’s and Don’ts in Germany
German culture
German eating and drinking habits
German dress code for different occasions / official functions & small talk,
what to bring to a party / invitation / typcial presents from Germany
house and neighborhood rules

Kids in Germany

3 hours all about kids

kindergarden and schoolsystem
food (school lunch / snacks)
clothes (what to wear and where to get what)
birthday parties, play dates, activities, sports, recreation, kids on their own
U Untersuchungen (pediatrician)
Childrens hospitals/emergencies (basic information)

Contents of this 3 hour module

how to get around locally / in Germany and Europe
how to buy tickets for the local traffic
Fees: parking, parking tickets, Parkscheibe, fines
Plackets: Umweltplakete, Maut,
accident / car break down
basic German traffic rules
organization of driving lessons

Medical & Emergency

Timeframe - 3 hours

Introduction to the German health system
list of doctors, hospitals and emergeny clinics
how to call an ambulance
detailed information about medication and pharmacies

Pregnancy & Babies

Timeframe - 3 hours

All about being pregnant in Germany from the beginning up to birth - from the explanation of scheduled and additional possible examinations, midwifery care, prenatal classes, birthing possibilities, hospitals as well as shopping for baby & maternity clothes.

And for after the baby is born information on pediatricians and scheduled examinations, postnatal classes, mother & baby groups / courses, shopping and much more.

Personal attendance / private sessions

anything that might be needed – possible areas of concern:

doctors appointments, civil service, kindergarten / schoolmeetings, pregnancy, emotional problems (also help to find an expert), time for personal questions, questions regarding shopping/household

Survival German

We teamed up with Language School Dr. Lukes, who offer Survival German courses especially tailored for our clients. Learn first what you need to know to get around.
Areas covered are basic shopping lines, small talk, doctors appointments, how to ask for…, outings, ordering in a restaurant and much more.

25 teaching units (one unit = 45 minutes)