Please find our fees for private bookings.

Prices for individuals

Prices for our modules range from 89 Euro/3 hour module  and person in group sessions and  60 Euro/hour for individuals plus travel costs. 
Registration Fee: 15 Euros for modules.

The custom made module is charged with 60 Euro/hour - minimum 1 hour, thereafter charged in 30 minute intervals.


  • For all topics around pregnancy & babies, please refer to our separate website  Gravidamiga - pregnancy & babies
  • Survival German: 300 Euro/person for 25 teaching units à 45 minutes (in groups of 3-6 participants) for courses in person
    Survival German online classes: 160 Euro for 10 60-minute sessions.
  • special rates for students & young professionals.

Please contact us for individual requests and package deals.