We offer a range of Seminars and Webinars with different topics in small groups or individual sessions tailored to your needs.

Basic concept

of all our modules is to meet in person and experience actively together and we complete our support by offering assistance via the phone, Skype or another internet platform.
As per our experience practice is the way to incorporate what you learn and be able to make use of it.

Group sessions

We have created group sessions to encourage connection between people, who are in the same situation. The bonus effect is you benefit from other perspectives and  you might make new friends at the same time.

Private & custom made sessions

But of course you can alternatively book your custom made session to be tailored to your needs & timeframe, which can also be held via Skype or another internet platform.
We also customize modules for your and your friends.

We are open to your needs - just let us know what they are. 

Here are the categories and modules we offer:

1. Main Introduction (Best Practice Part A - theoretical, Best Practice Part B - practical)
2. Private Introduction (Quick'n Easy, Custom made for you)
3. Pregnancy, Babies & Kids (Kids in Germany, Pregnancy & Babies)
4. Language (Survival German)
5. Special Courses (Medical & Emergency, Household Matters, Pre-Move Information)

In our section Calendar you will find actual course dates.