Timeframe - 2-3 hours

Our health is of highest priority, especially the health of your family.
We will introduce you to the German health care system and hand you a list of doctors, hospitals and emergency clinics as well as teach you how to call an ambulance should you ever need one.
Further we will explain more detailed about medication and pharmacies.


Timeframe - 2-3 hours

For some of us it is a huge issue not getting hold of things we used to clean with as we get so attached to them. This can make our time involvement in the domestic sector quite more time consuming than necessary. And the hassle to figure out what is what in the drugstore or supermarket.

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible spending time with the task most of us are not really keen on doing.

Basic contents of this module:

Waste: Garbage separation, other waste such as garden waste or bulky waste, explanation Abfallkalender (waste calendar) and waste in general
Cleaning & laundry detergents (chemical / organic ) and devices ( cloths, feather duster)  and their usage / dosage
Explanation of the washing machine and other electronic devices,
Oven temperatures,
"Kehrwoche", "Hausordnung" – explanation in detail


All you need to know before you go...Is Stuttgart going to be your new home town?  Need vital information prior to your move? 
At Kiramiga we endeavour to assist you to answer all your questions during your process of decision making and planning your move.
From what you can buy and where to buy for example cosmetics, baby products , electronics , your local food to information on school enrollment processes , registration , doctors , the German medical system and plenty more.

We will help you feel at ease before your arrival