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Stuttgarter Weihnachtsmarkt - Christmasmarket

From November 27th until December 23rd, 2019 Stuttgart city is presenting itself with glistening Christmas stalls with beautiful decorated roofs, sparkling lights and a wonderful atmosphere. More than 3.

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Jenna from Life in Germany and Kiramiga  - beyond relocation work together to make your life easier.

The Life in Germany Welcome Program is a powerful step-by-step online relocation program designed with the help experts for English-speaking expats and internationals who are planning to move to Germany (or who have recently located). It is the gap filler between struggling to do it all on your own and hiring a relocation agency to do it all for you.
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Now the best - if you state you are coming via Kiramiga, you get a 20 Euro discount on the whole program! It is so worth it!


Top Tips - good to know before you move to Germany

1. tap water is safe to drink
2. bring a bag when you go shopping
3. bring a coin (1 Euro, 50 cents) to get a trolley (already to the airport &  shopping )
4. check shop opening hours (No errants on Sundays,  some shops close at lunchtime)
5. bring cash at all times for little shops, bakeries and some restaurants
6. credit cards are not accepted everywhere
7. do not cross the road at a red light
8. rubbish/trash needs to be separated
9. Germany has bottle Pfand
10. Hallo - Hello / Bitte - Please / Entschuldigung - Excuse me / Tschüss - Goodbye / Danke - Thank you

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Kira Neumann, founder of Kiramiga

We at Kiramiga want to challenge the study that Germany is not the most welcoming country.
Having experienced life abroad for several years, we understand how difficult it can be setting up a new life in a different culture, especially if you don’t speak the language.
So we have created a Blog with useful tips and links to service providers to make your life easier.

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