Food Sharing

Tips on how to save food and make a good deal.

Just a few quick tips as this was discussed recently in our Gravidamiga community - how to save food that would otherwise be wasted plus save some money, too.


In a lot of German cities there are so called Fairteiler (from fair and share in German) - little huts where people donate food and where food can be picked up for free. - but best is to search for fairteiler and the area you are located in.

Here are the Fairteiler in Stuttgart Area: FairTeiler in Stuttgart

Too Good To Go

There is an APP called TooGoodToGo you can download to get a good deal from a restaurant or can receive a bag with food to be saved at a good price. Check what is on offer, make a reservation for your magic bag and pick it up. Here is also the link to their German webpage Toogoodtogo

Raupe Immersatt Coffee / Restaurant

Here is a cafe in Stuttgart which runs on saved food and you can donate whatever you think is appropriate for what you consume. They also have a Fairteiler: Café Raupe Nimmersatt


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