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Quick'n Easy Germany - shopping & more - via ZOOM

Get to know your basics for living in Germany - shopping & products, household & neighbourhood plus German Quirks

Event description

Having a hard time adjusting? Want to take some stress out of your daily life?
We want to help you to make it easier so you have one thing less to worry about.

Shopping in Germany is easy and can be fun, if you know your way around. You can get in touch with locals (esp. in smaller stores or at the farmers market), try out your German, get really fresh and local products and still go shopping on base or an Asia store for those products, which cannot be found in a German supermarket :-)

So here is the outline of our 2 sessions:

  • Overview about different stores, possibilities, payment
  • Grocery shopping and all about food products
  • Household shopping plus product/detergents - your German washing machine/dryer
  • Waste, House and Neighborhood Rules, German Quirks

With a presentation shared on the screen we will help you understand how to shop best and how to handle the Germans.
Each part =  roughly 60 minutes and questions

If you are still in the States and want to take this course to prepare yourself, please contact us for afternoon sessions here (morning sessions for you).

- beyond relocation
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