Thanks to her we were able to solve all issues smoothly. ありがと, Kira.

Kyoko O.,
for a Japanese technology manufacturer



We met Kira during summer camp at the International School where she introduced herself to us in Japanese. As we just recently transferred to Germany, I had a lot of questions and she had the answers. She accompanied me to the pharmacy to buy medication and to the supermarket to explain products. She helped with school affairs and also with various difficult communications with the town hall. Thanks to her we were able to solve all issues smoothly. Thank you so much, Kira.

As she lived in Japan herself, she was acquainted the problems we Japanese might encounter living in Germany and also to the needs we might have. I can highly recommend Kira and I am convinced that you will feel safe and at ease being connected to her.

Kyoko O.
for a Japanese technology manufacturer

Kyoto, Japan


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