Enviromental Zone Stuttgart - diesel driving restrictions

Do you own an older car - is it a Diesel? I DO - 

and this is really annoying me at the moment. I love my car, but as of January 1st diesel vehicles below the Euro 5 standard are banned within the environmental zone of Stuttgart! Residents have a transition period until the 1st of April.

How they will check from April 1st (apparently with traffic controls) and how this whole ban will work - I don't know. Also I don't know what to do myself. What I know is that the fine will be 80 Euro plus administration fee (around 110 Euro).

So this blog post is just a heads up in case you have not heard about this  yet or have heard about it, but lack information.

Here is the link to a page explaining about the environmental zones (green & blue), badges, diesel vehicle restrictions etc. in English (but also in many other languages IT, FR, ES...) Stay up to date yourself to be on the safe side.

Environmental Zone Stuttgart

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