A farm for kids - like a big adventure playground with animals (roughly up to 14 years)

Jugendfarm - what to expect

A place for children to roam around freely, have fun, meet other children, learn about nature and animals under supervision (like a big playground with some adults for supervision).

It is free and open for everybody during opening times. No need for registration – just go.

Depending on the farm you can go there together with your kids, when they are still smaller or just send them there and collect them later. Please check their farm rules for age restrictions. Some farms offer lunch and coffee/ cake.

Areas of a Jugendfarm

Usually a farm has the following areas – depending on the farm with different priorities:

  • Building site: The kids are encouraged to try out their skills to build things from wood or other materials.
  • Plant area: Kids can explore the plants of the farm and help to plant.
  • Animals: some pets like hare, guinea pigs, rabbits to cuddle with but also farm animals like goats, sheep or chickens (they might roam around freely – so be prepared). Last but not least usually some ponies and donkeys. Some farms offer riding.
  • Farm Programm: crafts, theater, music, campfire with Stockbrot (bread dough which you roast on a stick over the fire to make your own bread on a stick)

 A Jugendfarm also offers holiday programms and some are open for birthday parties (prior booking needed).

Here is a list of 8  Jugendfarmen in Stuttgart:

There are more - maybe also closer to your home - check your hometown and Jugendfarm to search online.

May 2019
This blog post is a personal recommendation and based on personal experience. It has been prepared with the greatest possible care and does not claim to be correct, complete or up-to-date.“

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