Shops Decoration

List of shops for home decoration and party decoration

Home Decoration
very beautiful decorations, more exquisite, not inexpensive
in the Markthalle Stuttgart, Dorotheenstr. 4
home decor and really all you need around the house - BBQ, household items, crockery, blankets, candles...
I love this store - right at the Marktplatz in Stuttgart
beautiful danish shop
in the Gerber, Stuttgart and in Ludwigsburg 
really nice for all sorts of decorations, inexpensive
Königstrasse 43, Stuttgart downtown
really nice for all sorts of decorations, inexpensive
Königsstrasse 43b, Stuttgart downtown
Hauptbahnhof Stuttgart
Stuttgart Milano
Stuttgarter Straße 90, Stuttgart Feuerbach
E center Leinfelden, Hohenheimer Str. 7, Leinfelden
E-Center Esslingen-Weil, Weilstr. 22, 773733 Esslingen-Weil
all sort of decorations, inexpensive
Königsstr. 43a, downtown Stuttgart
Königsbaupassagen, downtown Stuttgart
Milaneo, Stuttgart
Schwabengalerie, Stuttgart Vaihingen
Breuningerland, Sindelfingen
Sindelfingen and Ludwigsburg - inexpensive
crafts store with supplies for do-it yourself
Kronenstr. 4, Stuttgart - next to Kaufhof

Decorations for Parties
Uhlandstr. 20, 70182 Stuttgart
Stuttgart downtown Königsstrasse near Hauptbahnhof
(online or in their shops around Stuttgart)
(Hauptstr. 63 in Stuttgart Vaihingen)
in the Milaneo in Stuttgart (also a lof of costumes

in the Königsbaupassagen, Stuttgart Gablenberg and Breuningerland in Sindelfingen
in Sindelfingen

and of course in a lot of little stores that you walk by....have fun making your home beautiful.

Any good shop you know - please let me know, so I can add it to the list. Thank you!

April 2019
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