Stadtpalais Stuttgart for Children / Kinder

Stadtpalais - the museum for Stuttgart

- great for kids and adults and the best - it is for free!

Want to learn more about your new home town? Need to get the kids out without spending huge amounts of money? There is a spot, right in the middle of Stuttgart – next to the Charlottenplatz.

There is a permanent exhibition about the history of Stuttgart – also in English on the 1st floor. On the 2nd level there are changing exhibitions.
The basement is for kids – there is an open space to build your own city (and destroy it later with a wrecking ball).You can even celebrate your child’s birthday party – all organized- down here.

So the Stadtpalais is not only a museum, but a meeting point, a coffee/restaurant, an event location and much more.
There is always something going on. It is worth checking the event calendar, if you speak a little German. A really cool one is called Stuttgart am Meer (Stuttgart at the ocean) featuring water games and more during summer.

Open Tuesday till Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (coffee shop/restaurant till 10 p.m.)

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February 2020 by Kira Neumann
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