Holiday traffic  in Germany

School Holidays in Germany

- the traffic can be gruesome....

The last day of school and the first few days after the holidays start, the streets and airports are packed.
Also note that every Saturday during the school holidays might be more traffic (most hotels/apartments rent out from Saturday - Saturday).


If you are not dependent on the German school holidays, make sure to plan your trips before or after (this is also significantly cheaper...)
During the Pfingstferien and the Sommerferien (long summer holidays) make sure to avoid the first going and last weekend coming back. Also school end usually at 11 a.m. on the last day of school and some people tend to head off immediately.
If possible book your accommodation for arrival from Sun-Fri - not on a Saturday.


  • If you can, travel during the night or late evening.
  • Always bring extra water/tea plus a blanket during winter.
  • Get yourself an insurance in case of car breakdown.
  • Make sure that your tank is full.
  • Here a link to what to expect of the motorway facilities: Facilities on German motorways

Also you might note that the prices for gas go up....but that is just a personal observation.
We try to fill up our tank some days in advance.


  • If you can avoid it - do not travel around the first weekend of holidays of Baden-Württemberg from Stuttgart in June (Pfingstferien) and Summer (Sommerferien).
  • Make sure to have plenty of extra time at the airport as security might be a nightmare. Here you can check for waiting times of the security:

Here is a link to the German School Holidays  – make sure to check the Bundesland your in. Stuttgart is in Baden Württemberg (but note that Bavaria tends to have the same holidays and therefore all the streets going south are going to be packed esp. the A8 towards Munich)



June 2019  by Kira Neumann
This blog post is a personal recommendation and based on personal experience. It has been prepared with the greatest possible care and does not claim to be correct, complete or up-to-date.“ Picture credit Benedikt Geyer,Pixabay.

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