Strawberries - why don't you pick them yourself?

Enjoy some nice time outside and sample them while picking (this is a must :-)

Who doesn’t love berries & flowers?


Strawberries (as well as asparagus) are everywhere  from the middle of May/ June - depending on the weather.
You can buy them at the various little huts along the streets, but why don’t you go and pick them yourself?
Enjoy a fun and relaxing day outside with sunscreen and a hat or rainboots - depending on the weather.
But not only strawbeeries are on offer. Depending on the farm also black & red currants and gooseberries. Don’t forget to bring your own containers - you pay by weight minus the container weight of course.

Flower Fields

Mid of June also start looking out for the flower fields – here you can cut flowers yourself and based on trust you just put the cash in the little box at the entrance.
Read more here: Flowers fresh from the field


Also most of farms have a farm shop usually with local and organic produce.

What to do with all the berries?

We love them in cakes, jams and just as snacks. We love them with cream or ice cream or if you prefer more low fat with yogurt or Quark. As for cakes there are premade sponge cake bottoms which can be bought at supermarkets - you just add vanilla pudding, then the strawberries  & a red glaze - done!
Also jams are easily made with Gelierzucker to be bought in each supermarket - you can also add a flavor of your choice like Vanilla.

Just use them quickly as they do not have along shelf live.

Where to buy/pick them?

Although most of the websites are in German, you can figure out opening times (Öffnungszeiten) and what is on offer with some basic German words.
Most of the strawberry fields are also open on a Saturday, Sunday and National holidays.

Here are just a few, but you can find them everywhere -  just look around - there are always signs pointing them out

Erdbeeren zum Selberpflücken

Obsthof Margit Brodbeck in Möhringen
Farm shop:  11:30 – 17:00 pm.
Check the attached link for opening times and locatios - as they have several fields.
Erdbeeren = strawberries  from now till 1.7.19
Stachelbeeren  (gooseberries) and Johannisbeeren (currants) from 20th of June till 16.7.19
There are signs from the street posting to the fields

Ulrich Hörnle
Ditzinger Straße 40, Stuttgart-Weilimdorf
Nearly ready – check their homepage and Facebook page for more information.
Hofladen open every day.
Picking times: 16– Fri 16 – 19 pm and Sat & Sun from 10 am – 18 pm

Joachim Mack 
in Unteraichen. – call or write to make sure they are open
0711 / 752153 

Erdbeerplantage Schilling
close to Stuttgart Hohenheim / Kelley
8 – 19 pm, Filderhauptstr.
Map with all their strawberry fields – Hohenheim is close to Kelley barracks
Orange and Red signs indicate that the strawberries are ripe to be picked.


May 2019 Kira Neumann
This blog post is a personal recommendation and based on personal experience. It has been prepared with the greatest possible care and does not claim to be correct, complete or up-to-date.“

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